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Our professional business plan writers have more than 250 years of combined experience writing business plans. We’ve seen too many mediocre business plans that result in missed opportunities and lost revenue. That’s why our company has been at the forefront of business plan writing for 28 years. We do what it takes to produce a first-class business plan for our clients.

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Seasoned Business Plan Writers

  • Reliable, MBA-educated senior executive team of industry specialists
    Our senior CEO, CFO, MBA, CPA and JD team are industry experts in finance, operations and marketing. We produce plans for startups, medium, and large companies in every industry. Our team has the internal bench strength to best deliver your business plan on time, every time.
  • Proven success with early stage and existing businesses
    Our business plan writers have grown businesses organically and via acquisition. We know how to create new opportunities and maximize untapped resources. Our seasoned team has been there and triumphed time and time again.
  • Profound knowledge of investor and lender needs
    Our business plans excite angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. We also have expertise with government and other strategic investors. Our business plan writers have deep experience in debt financing. Note: We don’t raise capital for clients. Raising capital is restricted to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) licensed brokers.
  • Objective risk analysis and deep insight into your financial data
    Our senior executive team has profound P & L experience. To best mitigate risk, we provide impartial analyses and deep insight into your:

    • sales forecasts
    • balance sheet
    • cash flow
    • assumptions
    • break-even
  • Description of the unique value, potential upsides and downsides of your business
    We provide you with comprehensive custom questionnaires before writing your business plan.  Each questionnaire uncovers the unique value, potential growth, and pitfalls of your business. You can then rank goals, validate superior strategies, and properly allocate resources.
  • Optimum contingency plans to mitigate potential losses
    When the cost and/or probability of failure are high, optimism is the wrong strategy. Our optimal thinking team includes contingency plans that best protect your business. We focus on the best means to achieve the best end result.
  • Identify and strengthen competitive barriers to entry
    Our business plan writers love to erect daunting barriers to entry for competitors. We plan ahead for:

    • restrictive government regulations
    • economic or market industry changes
    • other threats
  • Access and interpret market reports to maximize your vision and success
    Our market research analysts and industry experts access historical industry data. We research comparisons, trends, and relevant secondary information. We interpret the data to maximize your probability for success. Where appropriate, we provide primary research via interviews, focus groups and other means.
  • Outperform cookie-cutter software and bargain basement business plan writing companies
    A premier business plan uncovers unforeseen revenue streams and opportunities. We empower you to beat competitors who use cookie-cutter software and bargain basement business plans.

Choose Optimal Thinking Professional Business Plan Writers

Our seasoned professional business plan writers optimize the following items in the plan.

  • An executive summary to optimize the recipient’s first impression
  • The most compelling, accurate description of your business model
  • Your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • The unique solutions provided by your company’s products and services
  • Justification of the capital needed to reach your objectives
  • Your company’s development stage
  • Your customers and prospective customers
  • Your marketing and sales strategies
  • Your contingency plans to best deal with threats and weaknesses
  • The most viable factors that differentiate your products and services
  • Your company’s durable competitive advantage
  • Your management team
  • Detailed financial projections to confirm your durability and profitability
  • A realistic demonstration of the return on capital investment for investors, and more

We are here to discuss your proposed business plan and provide a fixed fee quote.

 Call (424) 204-6133

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm PST or

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to discuss your objectives and receive an estimate.

Your optimized business plan may be an:

  • investment plan
  • operational plan
  • feasibility plan
  • expansion plan
  • annual plan
  • internal plan
  • new product plan.

Please note our Terms and Conditions

We understand the importance of confidentiality, and provide a non-disclosure agreement.  Feel free to download it at your convenience.

Call (424) 204-6133

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm PST or

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10 reviews for Business Plan Writers

  1. William C

    We were very satisfied with your professionalism and the plan. After a bad experience with another business plan company, it was refreshing to deal with you. Your leader was always on time and gave great guidance.

  2. Bradley K

    I want to let everyone who reads reviews to know that this business plan team doesn’t miss a beat. We raised the capital we needed based on their recommendations.

  3. Scott H

    Excellent service. If you are looking for a top level business plan, this is the right team. The plans are written by accomplished financial executives and are moderately priced. If you are looking for quality work, this company delivers the greatest value relative to price.

  4. Robert K

    This business plan company is very detailed in their approach. They ask a heck of a lot of questions to get there. The end product is great. The only problem I had was the time difference. They work fro 8:30 am to 5 pm PST and being in England, we didn’t get an instant response at times. To their credit, their project leader always got back to us within 24 hours.

  5. Kelly Adams

    The business plan writing team offers incredible value for the price. They are meticulous and made sure they gave our company the optimum representation. We used them to write a plan for an acquisition we undertook and they delivered much more than anticipated.

  6. Mark C

    Be prepared for a very thorough analysis of your business plan by this very capable business writing team. They caught many errors we had overlooked. We would not have been successful without them.

  7. Bryan J

    I was referred to this company through my CMO who had been coached by Rosalene Glickman. We hired the writing team to produce a business plan for a company we just purchased. We are very pleased with the end product and the delivery process. Exceeded expectations.

  8. Tony T

    Super professional team. Worth every cent.

  9. Luke B

    The team provided me with a business plan that enabled me to get even more funding than I wanted. This is a first class business writing operation.

  10. Hal Flinders

    This business writing team led me through all the steps smoothly to compile a winning business plan. I was able to get $2.1 million in funding. Great communication and very experienced at their craft.

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