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Job Candidate Profiles


After assessing close to a million candidates at more than 6500 companies with our proprietary Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment, clear patterns emerged between the thinking styles of individuals and their job titles. Certain types of thinkers are clearly best suited to specific roles. How does this match your experience?

job candidate profiles

Interested in your profile, your team’s profile, or a potential job candidate’s profile?

5 Responses to “Job Candidate Profiles”

  1. John L says:

    Out of the box paradigm that puts job roles into perspective. Wonderful.

  2. Charles King says:

    I took your 360 assessment and can relate. Great stuff.

  3. Ben K says:

    This is such an interesting match up. I took your 360 assessment at yesterday. It is awesome and gave me a lot more understanding of these profiles and the thinking behind them. Thanks very much for making this all available.

  4. Marianne, our findings confirm your observation.

  5. Marianne W says:

    Very interesting post. We’ve been using your optimal thinking assessment for 5 years now and I agree with your job profiles. We’ve found that business development people who have an EPT and OT combination are top achievers.

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  • Your assessment was easy and quick to complete. I cannot think of any dislikes.

    Larry Jadrych, CPA, Senior Consultant,

    Callaway Partners Practice of Huron Consulting Group, Inc.

  • I enjoyed the insight in to how my thinking style interacts with others. I felt the description of the interaction was accurate.

    Bennett Letwin, Innovation Strategist,


  • The discussion of "how to" connect with other "thinking types" will be helpful with my relationships with others, both at work and in my personal life.

    Tom Rutenberg, CFO,

    C.W. Hurt Contractors, Inc.

  • The assessment itself is very comprehensive. I also like that it is in pdf format and not just html so I can save it and read it while not on the internet.

    Elaine Wuertz, Chairman of the Board,

    Life Science Information Technology Global Institute.

  • Forces you to think outside the box of the Myers Briggs or similar tools. Also shows you more of a rounded look at who you are and how you think than other assessments.

    Kurt Weber, Senior Financial Executive,

    The Johnsson Group.

  • This analysis provides a sound method for gaining insight into how your thinking and actions are perceived by others unlike other ways such information can be obtained. It provides a good understanding of how to recognize your own style and enables you to consider how to improve.

    Lenny Bart, Exec.V.P. Administration, Warner Bros.

    Domestic TV Distribution