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Overcome Career Disappointment


Overcome Career DisappointmentWant to overcome career disappointment?  You may have wanted more from your career and feel that your career path is out of your control. When your career doesn’t meet your hopes and dreams, you will naturally feel disappointed. We feel disappointed when we want something and no longer believe that we can have it.When you are disappointed, you feel let down, sad, disillusioned, hopeless, and defeated.

Resolve Career Disappointment

To understand and resolve these feelings, you can use Optimal Thinking, the language of your best self, to ask the best questions and invite the best solutions:

  • What am I thinking or doing to create career disappointment?
  • Do I have realistic expectations about my career?
  • Is there a possibility that I could still achieve what I want?
  • Do I still have the time and resources?
  • What can this situation teach me so that I can achieve what I want in the future?
  • What is my most important goal right now?
  • What are the most empowering actions I can take toward this goal?
  • What’s the best action I can take right now?

emotional mastery audio downloadMinimize your feelings of disappointment and helplessness by accepting what is out of your control. Focus your attention on optimizing what is within your control.

Keep in mind that your main job in this world is to be your best self.  Your career, family and relationships are vehicles to enable you to be your very best. When you commit to doing your best regardless of the circumstances, and respect yourself for making this decision, you are on the optimal track. You can set and achieve goals that focus your energy on its greatest and best use.

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3 Responses to “Overcome Career Disappointment”

  1. Stanley A. says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Your firm is the best we have used for executive and career coaching. Your impeccable approach has brought about unprecedented results in our working senior executives and those in outplacement.

  2. Disappointed says:

    Your approach is helpful. Are you available for coaching?

  3. Frank B. Jones says:

    I’ve used this information to deal with my disappointment with my daughter. After you explained the difference between frustration and disappointment in your session with her, her demeanor changes. She is doing really well now.

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